About us:

Risc is an independent record label based in Dublin, Ireland, run by Ewan Hennelly and Tom O’Doherty.

The label is currently in hiatus, after eight releases between 2001 and 2005. The focus of the label in these years was on releasing unheard new music from independent acts in Ireland, on vinyl and CD, in beautiful and unique packaging.

Bands and artists who have released music on Risc: Agitated Radio Pilot, Amoebazoid, Betamax Format, Bird on Wire, Dave Nuremberg, E+S=B, Embers, FancyGoods, Herv, Miriam Ingram, Lakker, The Last Sound, Maersk, Medea, Northstation, Piratio, Rollers/Sparkers, Thread Pulls, Tremors.

Risc will release something else again, sometime. We promise.

People have said:

“This compilation from intriguing Dublin label, Risc, is a lovely artefact: all soft, grainy paper and rich black-and-white photography. Inside, 16 bands I've never heard of; a snapshot of a city I barely know [...] Like Edinburgh's Benbecula Records, Risc are another good reason to go looking far away from London for your experimental rock and electronica kicks” – Plan B Magazine

“Like watching late period Rick Wakeman being attacked by robots made out of old spring coils. And if you don't think that's a pretty appealing vision, well then, you're missing a few mental teeth” – The Wire

“Fat drums, meaty guitars and - ohmygod - interesting electronic music? You don't know you're born” – Mongrel Magazine

“Nice songs – not really top 40 stuff” – Vital Weekly

“A pulsing, pensive roadmap of some of Ireland's finest independent music” – Sinéad Gleeson, Sigla Magazine

“Most entertaining!” – Norman Records

“It can only be imagined that this is the kind of music that people like to be seen to possess – certainly it’s not a lot of fun to listen to.” – Matthew Magee, Sunday Tribune

Releases to date:

  • risc008: Betamax Format - ‘XXX Robot’/‘Raus! Raus!’ | 20.03.2005
    Double-A-side 7-inch single on 70g vinyl.
  • risc007: V/A - Red Bridge | 11.02.2005
    CD album in hand-assembled 300gsm and 150gsm recycled paper outer packaging, with metallic ink print.
  • risc006: Herv - Snap Hands | 14.12.2003
    CD album with 300gsm card cover in jewel case, co-release with Sinkorswim Records.
  • risc005: Northstation - Bears | 02.07.2004
    CD album in hand-assembled 350gsm recycled paper packaging.
  • risc004: Maersk - First Line | 26.04.2003
    10-inch vinyl EP on 110g vinyl in hand-assembled 180gsm tracing paper outer packaging, with metallic ink print and reversible inner sleeve.
  • risc003: V/A - Physical remix 28.10.2002
    Creative destruction of the first run of risc002, which was mis-pressed.
  • risc002: Herv - ‘Warmduscher’/‘Demian’ | 13.02.2003
    Double-A-side 7-inch single on 70g vinyl, with four different covers printed on hand-assembled 180gsm tracing paper.
  • risc001: Embers - CD-R | 15.12.2001
    Untitled CD-R in hand-assembled packaging, fifty copies.

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